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Get Important Info about Mortgage marketing: Why it should resemble an octopus

The best approach for mortgage marketing resembles an octopus. An octopus is awfully efficient at eating food with 8 limbs. If the octopus loses one limb it may briefly lose some strengthbut it carries on as a useful predator. Few mortgage brokers understand that there may be more than a hundred mortgage marketing strategies for […]

Helpful Overview of Real Estate and Pre-Construction Investments

Whether it’s a new condo building or housing estate going up in your area, you may have heard buzz about pre-construction sales or pre-construction purchasing opportunities. But, what does that mean? How does it work and why do buyers line up for viewings? For answers to these questions and more, keep reading. What is pre-construction […]

Comprehending Mortgage Rates – 3 Key Considerations

Mortgage rates can go by many names – interest rates, points, interest, or simply rates. However, it’s all the same and that number could all mean the difference between tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments by the time you’re done paying off your mortgage loan. To learn more about understanding mortgage interest rates […]