Remodeling Nothing Single Said It Would Be Unproblematic

I have blogged about our little 1950’s Bungalow in the Ft Lauderdale zone of South Florida. The single we were disappearing to flip however I merely fell in love with. Got through the Terrazzo going came upon and restored. Loved it! Told you about my search for the least expensive marble that I can uncover for my low rate new kitchen. Polishing Marble Floors come up to to my rescue with that moreover.

I previous said “now on to the Lanai!” Just a fancy discussion for patio it seems, however I love the discussion and how it rolls off your tongue! So tropical a discussion Lanai! Sad matter is it was painted and cracked Concrete with a completely abundant of cracking and chipping disappearing on. No I wasn’t lucky to have anything pretty out on that point, and with this small Bungalow, an out doorway room is so necessitated, particularly for the sidereal days like today, where I am riding out and performing this blog…on my Lanai!

So off I go searching on Google ( the best matter since best, browsers I think) to uncover out what we can do about this and what a Lanai shall look like? Which as I uncover out merely method Roofed patio or a city in Hawaii, however I still love the phrase! Nice breeze with a roof ended my leader and cracked concrete, painted this hideous colour! What to do?

After looking at numerous pictures of different designs making use of different flooring material. It come up to to me. The roof is in good condition, the poles are a piece ugly, nevertheless my husband can alter that well and Colonial also makes concrete function. After searching the web, I originated a picture of the what I would love MY Lanai to look like this (without the pool in the surroundings unhappily to state) .

See the concrete floor, the color and texture? Well I did, correct away so I called my friend at Colonial (yes we have get here to know everyone another well) and dispatch him this picture, and he said,” yea we probably can do that to your concrete”. He come up to correct ended the next day to talk about it.

Once more I was in amazement that this can be completed to old concrete. I known newly poured concrete can be colored and stamped, however never opinion that it can be colored and formed after so numerous years and in such bad condition! Now remember this is cracked and chipped ugly, paint coming off it, weeds on the rise out of the crack concrete I have. But! It has a good roof ended it. So a large amount can be formed from this, and now with the route decorative concrete is done. I can go with what this looks like this picture, the Loft search, various imperfections, however beautified by fill in the cracks and chips, grinding it losing to what is called the “freshest layer” and then having a “acid stain” place on it in the color of my selecting. I am said this stain would react to my own old concrete’s distinguishable composition and the acid stain (water established to think of the Eco element here.) reacts chemically to provide it that varigated look of this picture. A densifier can be added to strengthen the old concrete! I wanted effortless and clean and shine. Transition from indoors to out doors.

I took all possibilities to my husband for a conclusion to be finished. After significant period ( about ten minutes). He said as always ” lets do what always you think is best” as he conceeded that the roof was in good condition and why break up concrete that can be rescued.

So I am getting my rustic, acid stain, polished concrete completed soon. And after the concrete is done. The design would begin, and in a hardly a short work weeks I would finally have my Lanai. Oh I still love that phrase!